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The time Minnesota almost ruled the internet - MPR News with Tom Weber

Here's an interview with Tim Gihring from Minnesota Public Radio's Tom Weber podcast on August 19, 2016.



Gopher Cluster Searches (2001) - YouTube

Conceptual VR Search UI from 2001.   GopherVR had a bunch of neat things.  Hulk jumps, stonehenge, spiral stonehenge.  We used the open source Doom code to implement the software and a lot of graph paper to make the 3d models..



Gopher 25 years on. Long fun, read

1 min read

Twenty-five years ago, a small band of programmers from the University of Minnesota ruled the internet. And then they didn’t.

 Gopher Team 

Read more at The rise and fall of the Gopher protocol via MinnPost


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