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Challenge: Redesign classic games for DAU and ARPU metrics. I'll start: Monopoly - do not pass go for 24 hours unless you buy these gems.


Typo of the day -- MEATADATA


Telling the Guatemala based @UPS phone support reps that "Even Comcast gives you a 2 hour window" is a losing strategy


Paid for AF4 shipping, got BE1


Dyn acquired by Oracle?

I've been wanting to move my secondary DNS off them for a while. Recommendations anyone?


Typo of the day -- derp learning


Listening to DEF CON soundtracks today, including what must be the only song ever written about ssh...


Just finished the six part documentary Capitalism. Feels like the 1st time I read The Peoples History of the USA. Oh and


I just got an SSL cert as a 1-liner. exciting!

letsencrypt --text --email --domains,, --agree-tos --renew-by-default --standalone --standalone-supported-challenges http-01 certonly