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Highly recommended talk by @aparrish that illustrates principles of The Law of Requisite Variety and the Good Regulator Theorem.


brb checking my memcached commits on github.

I also think there's a future for a Branding Agency specializing in vulnerability names. We're no longer content with CVEs any more.


@bradfitz if we could make flutter work with gomobile I'd hack on it for @perkeeporg


Friday update for @resonatecoop. I discovered the esteemed electronica duo @Coldcut has their catalog there. Nine listens means I now own "Quality Control" and other tracks.


Here's my first friday update for @resonatecoop. With 9 listens I now own 'Doll' by @feralfive off the excellent Man Cat Doll Machine EP.


@fooljay I suggest you read "Ours to Hack and to Own" for some thoughtful ideas on how the movement can help solve this problem.


As a long time @matrixdotorg supporter I'm very happy with this new funding that provides long term viability.


@pyg @jibe_jeybee @Chocobozzz @framasoft @resonatecoop please consider getting independent content creators involved in the design. I believe that the protocols and software must balance the collective rights and needs of both consumers and creators.


@jibe_jeybee @Chocobozzz @framasoft - I'm familiar with PeerTube. I like @resonatecoop because supporting creators is part of its mission


@fredwilson is the in deed and action. I hope more people will follow his lead.