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Hi German folks! Please vote out racists like @c_lindner. I'd rather be mistaken in my mentions for singer @patricklindner_.


Thought provoking presentation on how Information Architecture impacts user behavior. Also a great anecdote about how Open Plan offices were intended to "give the company’s clerical workers a sense of community and nobility."

Strong finish with this call to action:

"Are the things that I’m designing creating conceptual structures, distinctions in the world, that are viable? Are the systems that I’m working with respectful of the broader context that they’re in? And are they sustainable, economically, socially, and ecologically?"


Fantastic performance tonight in San Francisco by She's a fabulous performer and member of Doomtree Collective. Here's a thoughtful interview from 2015 about Doomtree's unique path to success:


Reading "The World of Knowbots" from "The Digital Library Project". circa 1988


Thievery Corporation's Treasure from the Temple is on Resonate Coop:

Click through from

Give it some mutual aid :) If you're a member it's a good album, if you're not a member plz sign up!



Want to enable a new kind of Internet? Then get yourself to the 2018 at the @internetarchive The 2016 event was a watershed moment. Both @matrixdotorg and @ipfsbot launched there amidst a rich tapestry of technology, philosophy, ethics, and activism.


@chanezon Gopher thrived in the pre-commercial internet and aspired to be a distributed, searchable library. Menus and Text lost out to pretty pictures and ads. The rest is history.


Cleaning up my Xmarks bookmarks so I can import them into @pinboard before they disappear forever. Interesting look back at the default bookmarks that came with Safari/IE etc.


Get ready for GDPR with avocado and sprouts on whole grain bread (aka California Style)