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Imagine a dystopian sequel to Gilligan’s Island where hedge fund manager Mr Howell controls the island with discipline collars.


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I highly suggest that this Follower Suggestion design be peer-reviewed.

Content recommendation systems have a huge effect on how communities grow and evolve. One thing I like about Mastodon is that user recommendations are done by humans, not machines. This go-slow approach is more resilient to algorithms (even the simple one presented here..)

Here's a recent paper that discusses how recommendation systems can reinforce bias.

So before this gets unleashed on the world please do your research and study the available literature. Get experts to review it and listen to the people that have been doing this for a long time. You can then avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.


Apparently Internet pervs use WarGames movie font now...

Apparently Internet pervs use WarGames movie font now...

This is Nancy O'Malley scaremongering in the Alameda County DA race.  Also check out the bowl of Cheetos and the ashtrays.


I don't know much about co-ops and education. But this is an interesting development:


@csageland I'll reach out; but just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to seeing your map with the edges populated between them.


@Micropixie Always happy to share and listen. I'm also very much looking forward to your next release. It was a happy day when I discovered your work via @KPFA.


@LarsWienand Am I a Refugee or a Schlagerstar? I should go to a bakery and sing this song in broken German...

"Das Schönste im Leben ist die Freiheit, denn dann sagen wir, hurra."


Wired UK with some good coverage of the movement including @resonatecoop


@lindner and also listen to the wisdom of @micropixie reminding us that we are all immigrants